FB Francesco Benini  President mail Italy_FlagEnglishFlag spain_flag arabian_flag
trussoni Federico Trussoni Special projects mail Italy_FlagEnglishFlag
AS Antonio Saccone
Area Manager
SouthEast Europe mail Italy_Flag EnglishFlag France_flag romania_flag
 FB Francesco Benini Baltic States mail Italy_FlagEnglishFlag spain_flag arabian_flag
FB2 Francesca Bozzano South America Italy_Flag EnglishFlag spain_flag
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mie Mie Suzuki Japan mail Italy_Flag EnglishFlagjapan_flag
DD Daniela Di Muro UK mail  Italy_FlagEnglishFlag
MC Marco Carrai  Web & Graphic mail Italy_FlagEnglishFlagFrance_flag



Francesco Benini President
Antonio Saccone Vice President
Marco Carrai Associate Founder
Angelo Santoro Associate Founder
Valentino Necco Associate Founder



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Association for Technological Development and Innovation in the Public Administration