Ljubljana University, December 2010

The Association ASTIPA has realized, and/or has currently in the process of being realized, projects co-financed by Structural Funds and other Public Institutions on the following themes:

  • “Youth in Action” Program 2011 in the area of the cohesion and the promotion of Europe
  • country and regional study services aimed at sustaining and promoting international co-operation agreements concerning innovation and technology transfer
  • survey on timing, costs, ways and means to enable citizens to have access to public and private on line services
  • country profiles focused on different business area (market of goods, investment possibilities, real estate, etc.)
  • analyses for the delelopment of municipal services through new information technology platforms
  • use of smart cards as instruments of identification and for the access to public services
  • conscious use of internet and of related information technologies from the part of youth

Association for Technological Development and Innovation in the Public Administration